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Credit Repair can enhance and secure your financial future. Take advantage of the free informative content on this informational site.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards can be a component of a progressive financial plan or the predominate reason for financial distress.

Credit Reports

Credit Reports are critical to a proper analysis of your credit profile and should be reviewed on, at least, an annual basis.

Good Credit

Good Credit can save thousands of dollars on any loan or extension of credit. However, bad credit can and will result in denial of credit and costly credit terms damaging your financial future.

Identity Theft

Protect your Identity as identity theft is at an all-time high and can cause many problems for consumers. Identity theft can pervade your life on many levels and is difficult and time-consuming to resolve.



Credit Repair has become a necessary evil for millions of Americans. Beginning decades ago, with the proliferation of credit cards to anyone that had a pulse, the credit system began to really take shape and create a huge profit center for lenders. The Credit scoring system offered lenders the ability to immediately analyze a prospective borrowers’ credit history which was condensed to a numerical score.

Many factors are analyzed by the credit scoring agencies, which are unilaterally utilized by prospective lenders, to determine the appropriate rate of interest a lender would be willing to extend credit to a borrower. The lower the score, the higher the risk the lender faced, the higher interest rate the lender would and could charge.

The scoring system, combined with widespread credit use and resulting negative credit entries, pushed unsecured credit rates upwards of 20% on a regular basis. Some credit card rates even rose up to 29.9%. Therefore, millions of consumers became caught up in this system, especially when faced with an economic situation which caused late-payments and/or defaults.

This has resulted in the widespread need for credit repair as a result of bad credit scores. The cost of credit has become so high for borrowers with weak credit profiles that it does not make any economic sense for such a borrower to even request credit without a strong credit score. The long range cost of high-rate credit makes the ability to obtain new credit, when necessary, a prohibitive endeavor. Even if such credit could be obtained, it would simply perpetuate an economic disaster.

Thus, it is incumbent upon a responsible consumer to take the steps necessary and available to increase their credit score in order to obtain favorable credit rates from lenders. Credit is a necessary evil in today’s world but, when used properly, can be part of a strong personal financial plan and secure your financial future.

There are various issues that can arise in a consumer’s credit report which requires attention. Negative entries on a report do require focused attention to alleviate the negative impact they have on the score itself. There are reasons a score becomes low. Those reasons include: missed payments; late-payments; amount of total debt, debt-credit ratios; available credit and inaccuracies.

Credit rehabilitation requires analysis, knowledge, understanding, problem resolution and, most importantly, action. All of these tasks can be done by any consumer either at no cost, or very little cost. In order to embark upon this effort, at no cost, a consumer has to educate themselves as to how the credit scoring system works internally and to take continued focused action. This can be done but is very time-consuming. However, it will prove to be quite worthwhile and can save multiple thousands of Dollars and secure your financial future.

There are costly methods of saving the time and energy of accomplishing these goals as well. Specifically, by hiring expensive credit repair agencies, which may or may not be reputable or effective. If you are willing to spend the money and take the risk that the company you use is reputable, this can be a viable alternative.

There is another option, which is, in my opinion, more effective and requires a very minimal investment. This method requires the minimal investment of purchasing a reputable credit repair course which supplies all the knowledge, tasks necessary, forms, action points and tracking capabilities which are utilized by the expensive repair agencies. Credit Repair Magic is the best, low-cost, system and guide that I have found in the past 20 years.

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The reason I recommend this course of action is that the cost is minimal, the results are quantifiable and you are in control of the whole process. You can do the work with complete confidence that you are taking the proper action, monitoring the results and completing necessary follow-up. You can maintain control throughout the whole process.

The benefits and satisfaction of handling your own problems are immeasurable. The system works incredibly well when the process is followed completely. The system offers a step-by-step guide in simple, easy to understand instructions. The forms are time-tested and effective. Simply stated, this system works incredibly well!

I understand that this site is titled “Free Credit Repair” and that there is a minimal cost to this system. However, it is very low cost and worth multiples of that amount. I highly recommend this system as I have used it many successful times for consumers with poor credit and we were able to substantially increase their credit scores. If you honestly want to increase your credit score and clean up your credit, click here for more information.

On the other hand, if you want to utilize the totally free method of fixing your credit, you can educate yourself as to the various factors that affect credit score, analyze the problems and pitfalls and spend substantial time creating the proper forms and focused effort which is necessary. I am not suggesting that the method which I recommend here is the only method, I am only suggesting that by taking advantage of the method here you can save substantial time, effort and headaches for a very low price.

The other alternative is to pay exorbitant fees to a credit repair agency for the methods that you can employ yourself with some control of the outcome.

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